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S HEADBANDS are for sale... $20 each

They are fleece, with embroidered S and has that extra for ear cover....good for all sports and SHELTON PRIDE!

Contact: Andrea Palmieri for direct sales: aa@thepalmieris.net or call/text: 203-556-0291



‚ÄčBanners at Capewell: Advertise your business today at Capewell Park and support SYSO at the same time. A tremendous amount of support is needed from the community and SYSO is offering the opportunity for businesses to purchase a banner with their name on it which will be displayed at Capewell Park for 1 calendar year(April to October). Sponsor donations will be used to help offset the cost of insurance, equipment, referees, player participation fees and other operational expenses. A banner with your business name and number will be placed at Capewell Park along the fence line and snack stand area and will give your business exposure to hundreds of people who visit each weekend at only a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. 

Send an email to: . In this email, specify :

1. If you would be providing your own banner ..Cost for the year is $100.

2. If you are ordering, a 3' x 5' full color banner..Cost for the first year is $175, we put up, take down and store it. $100 renewal for each additional year. 

3. If ordering, then attach a high resolution file of your business card or what you would like on the banner( 300DPI or higher) and the most common accepted files are .tif, .jpg or .pdf

4. Mail a check, payable to SYSO for the corresponding sponsorship you have chosen and once payment is received and the file reviewed/accepted, we will place the order and hang it for you at Capewell Park.

It is that easy.  If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email us!