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Shelton 2018/2019 season
Academy Tryout Results


Roster Guidelines

1. Rosters are subject to change pending player acceptance.

2. Teams will be listed in random order per age group.

3. Academy, Travel and Premier Players may be asked to “Play Up” an age level in certain circumstances each year based on roster sizes and player development.

These players would be placed on a roster with players a year older. Playing up in any given year DOES NOT guarantee that a player will play up in the following year.

Players who “Play Up” an age level may remain at that age level for 2 full years so that they are playing at their age appropriate level.


The Shelton FC Board of Directors and the Director of Coaching reserve the right to make the final decision on which players “Play Up”.




Roster Acceptance

In order to accept a players roster spot you must first create an account for yourself and the player. 
Please have the following items prior to registering.

(1) A copy of the players birth certificate or passport ready to upload. 

(2) A Photo of the player being registered ready for upload.   Head shot only with plain light background.  Photo should be 3x4 portrait.

(3) The name and phone number of the primary care physician and health insurance information.

***All three items above are required to be uploaded to the NEW system as part of the registration process***

SYSO does not have any of this information "on file" from previous registrations.

(4)  You must register the player in their own age group by birth year, not the team they may play on currently or in the future.  

Example:   John plays with the 2005 team, but was born in 2006.  That means John must register under the 2006 birth year.  


Once an account has been created for the parent/
guardian and player, then the roster acceptance process can begin. 

SYSO is only accepting payment on-line via credit card.   Payment via check is only with prior approval from the registrar and will require FULL tuition payment - no exceptions.

Any questions about registration or payent should be sent to only the registrar at  registrar@sysonet.org




Roster acceptance is due by Wednesday, June 27th.

Any roster acceptance received AFTER June 27th will be charged a late fee
of no lees than $100.  


Once a roster spot is accepted, all remaining tuition payments from Academy, Travel and Premier will be broken up into monthly installments deducted from the credit card used to accept the roster spot starting in August and ending in December of 2018.



For all quesitons about the players uniform, please contact

the Uniform Director - Jamie Rosa          


Any questions about anything not related to uniforms please email
the Shelton Director of Coaching - Stephen Bell   doc@sysonet.org



ALL initial contact regarding your son or daughter's team
will be made by the Shelton Director of Coaching.  



U8 Academy Girls(7v7)
Head Coach:  TBD

 Southwest District

U8 Academy Boys Orange (7v7)
Head Coach:  TBD

Southwest District

U8 Academy Boys White (7v7)
Head Coach:  TBD

Southwest District

Still in process
If your daughter 
tried out for this age
group, Steve Bell will
reach out to 
you very soon.
Jason Bobes
Aiden Cosgrove
Dominic Criollo
Jacob Gonzalez
Brayden Kluk
Andrew Martins
Michael Militello
Tanish Pandikannan 
Jack Porto
Kyle Sanzo
Lucca Brocco
Cole Cortinhas
Bryan Jorge
Caleb Judkins
Jayon Lee
Mateo Pereira
Maxwell Popescu
Jacob Robinson
Devin Roxo
Redion Teodori
Matthias Vasquez